Honey 0.023g
Epimedium 0.106g
Syrup of mulberry 0.004g
The glucose syrup 17.36g
Royal Jelly 0.007g
Coffee 4.5g
Pollen 9.0g
Peas 3.0g
Ginkgo 6.0g
Eleutherococcus 6.0g
Oatmeal 4.5g
Ginger 7.5g
Ginger – Calgan 3.0g
Cinnamon 1.5g
Ginseng 7.5g
Cocoa 4.5g
American ginseng 6.0g
Nettle 3.0g
Pumpkin 12.0g
Garlic 3.0g
Vanilla 1.5g

The product does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

Characteristic of ADORA and recommendations for use

ADORA increases libido, which acts very favorably for the potency, increasing it.

❖It also nourishes the heart muscle and positively affects its contractility, which encourages one to any physical activity, increases endurance of the body when physical activity, including during sexual intercourse.

❖Ingredients of ADORA also increase spermatogenesis, what is a very effective factor for stimulation of libido and sexual behavior.

❖ADORA, in fact, is the only such diverse natural complex, which is accurately calculated and balanced in their properties for the improvement and diversity of sexual life.

❖ADORA provides a central aphrodisiac stimulatory effect, and at the same time, it has a pronounced direct effect on libido, and relatively long maintained effect.

❖In men ADORA brings to testicular stimulation, which is reflected on spermatogenesis line. Exactly that and not only, it differs from other chemical analogues of the preparations of this group. ADORA leads to potency growth, steady and long-lasting erection, increases libido, and enhances blood flow to the pelvic organs.

ADORA also acts on the females group, reflecting in their libido increase, thereby making them desirable and active during intercourse, which is essential for the healthy, physiological state of women.

❖ADORA can be taken both as symptomatically in decrease in libido, rapid ejaculation, unstable erection, frigidity of women, and in absolutely normal conditions for the extension and diversity of sexual life.

❖ Intake of ADORA on a regular basis not only leads to increased potency, but generally positive developments in the body, which is reflected in the strengthening of the immune and metabolic regulation, thus ensuring resistance to various diseases.

❖ADORA is a 100% natural and safe remedy, the use of which, even for a long period, is not addictive.

ADORA is harmless and does not cause life-threatening changes in the body, as it is a combination of all-natural ingredients.

❖Upon receipt of ADORA in 40 minutes both in men, as well in women there is a pronounced effect.

❖Take just 1 teaspoon/1 sachet of ADORA about 40 minutes, and success is guaranteed!

Forms of manufacturing:

ADORA is available in sachets 15 g: I sachet in the box or in a glassy vial of 150 g of preparation.

Application rules

Take 1 packet of ADORA completely, if necessary.

If you have ADORA in a vial, mix before use and take 1 teaspoon, if necessary.